Friday, February 18, 2011

Where the Wolf lies

Traffic pack, Chase, Inc.
The cloned animal of daily rue
fighting for scrap, on morning feast
a three pieced, concrete forest yeast

Devour to survive

Alpha male dons Oxford pelt
untamed, yet trained to toxic trains
Corporate hound, loco motivations
perched on backlogs and paper trees

Signature stamp to manage mud
a paw print to page
Disguised mime, bides the time
canine to five

Do they know, this beast in riposte,
is amiable to vampyre and vice?
Amorous, novelty price to pay
…but plays, on his own
A Count, not a drag

Shimmering sea permeates the blind
Orifice on the dam of office den
Sunlight prisoner
Permanent slave to the temporal

Lo, and Be.

Sun set, a horizon stretch
Domestic dogs, fetch the cache
Leftover aromas: A round table,
pound pups of night

Under light bulb, foolish moon
Cerebral prey, long-tooth prowls
The hunt begins:
Inaudible ink howl

Where the Wolf lies
his bridges fall deaf on ear
American Jack in London exile
Call of the Mild

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