Sunday, February 20, 2011

Imperial Ides of March

One Jedi Symphony of the Knight
Tattooine terra cotta fruition
Midi-chlorian counts and Dooku
Fear, paths to choose

For the council is wary
These noble men, know not loss
Stripped of maternal benevolence
Amorous Amidala and ambitious malevolence

Under Y-Wing, Conductor Sith
Galactic dominoes, Chancellor of chance
Order of Williams 66th
Force fortissimo, violin violence

Dark Side full
He holds no quarter, that’s no moon
Rebel Hope, lurking
Lords and lack of faith, disturbing

Conspirators of the Senate
Those lean in look are yonder
Duel of the Fates:
Holy Son versus Heavenly Father

Savior to kin, Anakin
Death for Republic to begin again
A grounded Skywalker
Et tu, Luke?

Then fall, Emperor
"Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own"


  1. hmmm what if the force could produce hardcore musicians?!wow.nice piece!jedi symphony of the knight stands alone!keep up the good work...

  2. Awesome! The use of Star Wars and historical references create many layers to your poem. Thanks for a great challenge response, Byran.

  3. ..Force fortissimo, violin violence.. cool lines and wordplays like this make this a very interesting and enjoyable read...i like it!

  4. Not enough of a Star Wars geek to get all the references, but I liked the political and social undertones, and the imagery was immersive and clean. Nice take on the prompt, and good luck on your bloggery.

  5. Thank you for the commentary, friends. Understandably, to fully grasp the Star Wars references would take an uber geek (such as myself) but nonetheless, it was alot of fun. I look forward to sharing more prose with you in the future. Thanks for the Sunday challenge prompt,

  6. Yay! Another stalwort fan of the midi chlorians. Absolutely loved all the film references that you threw into the poem for us, great prompt x

  7. Wow! The intersection of fact and fiction bring it to life!