Friday, February 18, 2011

Ode to Venus

Art by : Alessandro Botticelli - "Birth of Venus" (cropped)
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Mourning Star
Sole illuminate en opaque room
Bourne far de Edison e Botticelli
Northern exposé

Ambivalent disposition
Her woozy gaze of seduction
In eleven score tango
Whilst masquerade ball of Ire, waltzes slow

Sister whisper to passerby
Warning of previous courting
               …But who’s to judge?
No moon, all malice, this Alice
               Lost in wonderland

Cometh, comet! (Curious tomcat)
Rock astray from set cosmic path
Wooed by godless goddess
Gravitas pull

“Push to play”

Lady laced with reflection
Rorschach designs, chaotic patterns
Celestial body, nocturnal in transit
Caramel Face Façade

Elemental metal fool
Traversing charlatan’s webs
Blinded by fire of desire
Spinning, hurling, love drunk

Irony clad

Aloft, Venusian veils
Warm embrace reveals:
Violent undertones
Devour, binge and purge

Apple of thine eye
Molten core inside
Sweet tooth soothsayer
Dost thou taste sour, Valentine? 

Art by: Andy Warhol - "Birth of Venus" (exposed)


  1. ha. some fabulous word play in this one...cometh comet, curious tomcat....and a resonate question to end on...

  2. I agree with Brian--some great wordplay here. I love your last two lines!

  3. I like this exploration of the archetype, and the feelings behind it, far more complex as you show than just an incarnation of some abstraction of love, or even the appetite that such sweet beauty arouses. The first line is exquisite, along with many other deft twists that make us look and think twice (--esp like 'irony clad')and the entire piece, to borrow your metaphor, sits well on the tastebuds.

  4. what a beautiful, rich ode... nocturnal in this