Friday, February 18, 2011


I watch her spin
Layer of lover and liar
Earth, wind and fire
Such a destructive, beautiful garden

‘Tis me, admired and admirer
Pale rock, who maintains his distance
Space between
                    revolver and revolutionary

My scars on display,
illuminated by night
Pocked bombardment
                    of volatile adolescence

Frivolous competition for her favor
Jockey for position
Survival of the fittest;
Chaotic harmony

To the victor go the spoils:
Endless carousel

Now calm, serene, wiser
Observant orbiter curses set path,
the prize
All that is, and what could’ve been

Attempts to reach out, few
Small steps, and giant leaps
Capture the flag
                    and expediently expire

Leave your footprints

Cycle my phases
dance with my shadow
Last is first is last
I have no quarter

Our symbiotic relationship,
we damn these laws of attraction
Gravitational pool, Sea of Tranquility;
Treading in cosmic influence

I tug at her tide;
She paints me crimson
Our polar lives, too much to bear
We lean closely at the solstice

Gaia eclipsed my vision,
                    basks in my shade of red
Her game of Hearts:
She shot the Moon.

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