Friday, February 18, 2011

Miss Universe

Meteor shower tears, opaque canvas
Her flowing, evening gown shimmered so bright
At the center of those cloudy nebulae white
               Black hole pupil, planet iris eyes

What the matter, my dear?

Our conversation midst
               an oblivious summer midnight crowd
Humming passer byes, 4 wheeled fireflies
Their eyes fixed on terra cotta ground

“O Brion, fasten your belt
for the ride
Quite ambitious of you,
To embrace and observe, why
And all ‘tis that I do”

Talent portion of the show

Tap dancing illuminates and magic tricks
Silent songs, symphony stringed spiral
Movement No. 6:
               Chaos in the Key of B

No swimming for suits
She holds the cards
We, Pisces in a Starry Night
Her Van Gogh fish

“Not a rendezvous
Kiss the wind, any time
               any continuum
               your space, well as mine”

Endless beauty pageant
One contestant competing herself
Parading the grand stage
               Amongst billions of spotlights

But, how many viewers?

I gazed the twinkle in her eye
               she’d always win 1st prize
Then, gave me a smile
Just for a little, eternal while

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