Friday, February 18, 2011

Postulates & Pythagoras

what’s your angle?

Hypnotic hypotenuse
Polygamous polygon
So obtuse, acute one

Three faced beauty
Her golden rules for me to break
Divine proportions
lack of congruence

The pudding’s in the proof

Shifts her shape, match environment
acquiesce to fit the immediate mold
I feel the weight of you, Trinity
Scalene skin, tangent beds

Spider elbowed serpent
Weaver of webs, the charlatan
slithers to the rhythm of my algorithm

I tried to paint your triforce
mixing hues from the palette matrix
colored you rotten, karma chameleon
A Zelda without a Legend

Missing Link

Your quantifier, queer to sum
One who knows what your made of;
what lies beneath your triple vertex

All that is required
to strip you raw
square your legs
add your parts

Expose what’s left inside
Your self-righteous decree

I've got your number
nary a question

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