Tuesday, February 22, 2011


In full swing
Set our sights aimed high
Nary a worry that chains would break
Rode the carousel
Nary a thought that’d stop spinning

I’ve let them slide
Where’ve they gone?

There are bases yet to touch
Trees to climb, new vantage points
Paths to cut, destinations unknown
Buried are life’s pleasures, treasures and scraped knees

Scarred badges of our youthful honor
Where’ve they gone?

Playing house was prison
Flags to capture, taking Risks
Sinking Battleships
The only controllers, our joysticks

…and diamond stones may break me, but
Where’ve you gone?

The Konami code of conduct 
I was up, you were up
I was down, you were down
Marched to: Left, right, left, right, B, A, Start

We traded cards and cartridges
Not cars and stocks

Forgive me

If I’ve dropped the ball
unaware of this new game we were playing
If I’ve had too much fun asking
what, when, why, where and how


Here with these 8 bits of memories
Hanging with these monkeys in bars
Conversing with invisible friends
on a ball field, overgrown

“Ghost runner on first”

Did I miss life’s dinner bell?
Have I lost my sense to find home?
My affection for sights, sounds and smells
Dusk beckoning your mother once yelled

I remember the youthful you,
Wish you would too
May have missed the bus
No one told me that recess was over

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Imperial Ides of March

One Jedi Symphony of the Knight
Tattooine terra cotta fruition
Midi-chlorian counts and Dooku
Fear, paths to choose

For the council is wary
These noble men, know not loss
Stripped of maternal benevolence
Amorous Amidala and ambitious malevolence

Under Y-Wing, Conductor Sith
Galactic dominoes, Chancellor of chance
Order of Williams 66th
Force fortissimo, violin violence

Dark Side full
He holds no quarter, that’s no moon
Rebel Hope, lurking
Lords and lack of faith, disturbing

Conspirators of the Senate
Those lean in look are yonder
Duel of the Fates:
Holy Son versus Heavenly Father

Savior to kin, Anakin
Death for Republic to begin again
A grounded Skywalker
Et tu, Luke?

Then fall, Emperor
"Now in the morning I sleep alone, sweep the streets I used to own"

Friday, February 18, 2011

Where the Wolf lies

Traffic pack, Chase, Inc.
The cloned animal of daily rue
fighting for scrap, on morning feast
a three pieced, concrete forest yeast

Devour to survive

Alpha male dons Oxford pelt
untamed, yet trained to toxic trains
Corporate hound, loco motivations
perched on backlogs and paper trees

Signature stamp to manage mud
a paw print to page
Disguised mime, bides the time
canine to five

Do they know, this beast in riposte,
is amiable to vampyre and vice?
Amorous, novelty price to pay
…but plays, on his own
A Count, not a drag

Shimmering sea permeates the blind
Orifice on the dam of office den
Sunlight prisoner
Permanent slave to the temporal

Lo, and Be.

Sun set, a horizon stretch
Domestic dogs, fetch the cache
Leftover aromas: A round table,
pound pups of night

Under light bulb, foolish moon
Cerebral prey, long-tooth prowls
The hunt begins:
Inaudible ink howl

Where the Wolf lies
his bridges fall deaf on ear
American Jack in London exile
Call of the Mild

A Muse, Me.

Listen, do I
Pale blue song to fruit
Intoxicating citrus, orchestra orchard
Rotten apple of my eye

Wind whispers from yesteryear
Failures and flights, blights
To warning sign creator
Danger: Paths Ahead

Soft embrace of pen
Elegant, bleeding red ink
Educate, assimilate emotion
Lines, texts and weights

Canadian goose
Chest sinks with splendor
You’ve my heart in noose
I, the grateful lender

Hypnotic hypocrite
Blind indoctrination to youth
Index appendage pointed at mirror
See through crusade canon myth

Jester half
Cynical side split
For knife, or for laugh?
Rousing applause

Black Dahlia
Death gowned reaper in mind
Lay with I
Stare the abyss, Eye stare back

Miss Understood
Understudy, understands
Zephyrs blow your seashell
Quietly into my abode

Interpretive, fool of beauty
Permeating ballet on ventricle
Swan Mistake
Pirouette á la secondé, grandé

Aoede’s abortion
Auditory atrocity for modern year
Populace vote, lost peers
Pierced Van Gogh ears

Cut it off.

Miss Universe

Meteor shower tears, opaque canvas
Her flowing, evening gown shimmered so bright
At the center of those cloudy nebulae white
               Black hole pupil, planet iris eyes

What the matter, my dear?

Our conversation midst
               an oblivious summer midnight crowd
Humming passer byes, 4 wheeled fireflies
Their eyes fixed on terra cotta ground

“O Brion, fasten your belt
for the ride
Quite ambitious of you,
To embrace and observe, why
And all ‘tis that I do”

Talent portion of the show

Tap dancing illuminates and magic tricks
Silent songs, symphony stringed spiral
Movement No. 6:
               Chaos in the Key of B

No swimming for suits
She holds the cards
We, Pisces in a Starry Night
Her Van Gogh fish

“Not a rendezvous
Kiss the wind, any time
               any continuum
               your space, well as mine”

Endless beauty pageant
One contestant competing herself
Parading the grand stage
               Amongst billions of spotlights

But, how many viewers?

I gazed the twinkle in her eye
               she’d always win 1st prize
Then, gave me a smile
Just for a little, eternal while

Remote Control (A short story prose)

I watched a man
through a moth covered window screen
He was changing channels

What was he searching for?
Never stopping to see what the light had to offer
Just moving, drifting
without a destination

I wondered:
Is this how he lived his entire life?
Has he simply gone through the motions?
My presumption eluded to such

What a sad state of affairs, if it were true

His thumb was systematic

Has this man ever glanced at a violet
and walked by without embracing it's intoxicating aroma?
Did he ever gaze at the cosmos
without pondering how small and relatively insignificant he really is?

Distraction permeated the air
Thoughts of simple beings
Offspring, ex-spouses, lovers and bills

It's no wonder he was so guarded.

I felt as if I were
floating, nearly hovering over him
Screaming a whisper that said: "STAND UP AND EMBRACE MOBILITY!"
but in a completely different dimension that he didn't hear

Oddly enough we existed on the same plane
even though I felt the rift between us.
His body remained still, his thumb changed the channels
My brain cycled through various thoughts
We were almost in synchronization for a small time

Neither of us settled
Him, on a channel
Me, on a thought

Were we actually so different?

Postulates & Pythagoras

what’s your angle?

Hypnotic hypotenuse
Polygamous polygon
So obtuse, acute one

Three faced beauty
Her golden rules for me to break
Divine proportions
lack of congruence

The pudding’s in the proof

Shifts her shape, match environment
acquiesce to fit the immediate mold
I feel the weight of you, Trinity
Scalene skin, tangent beds

Spider elbowed serpent
Weaver of webs, the charlatan
slithers to the rhythm of my algorithm

I tried to paint your triforce
mixing hues from the palette matrix
colored you rotten, karma chameleon
A Zelda without a Legend

Missing Link

Your quantifier, queer to sum
One who knows what your made of;
what lies beneath your triple vertex

All that is required
to strip you raw
square your legs
add your parts

Expose what’s left inside
Your self-righteous decree

I've got your number
nary a question

Ode to Venus

Art by : Alessandro Botticelli - "Birth of Venus" (cropped)
Submitted at onestoppoetry.com
Mourning Star
Sole illuminate en opaque room
Bourne far de Edison e Botticelli
Northern exposé

Ambivalent disposition
Her woozy gaze of seduction
In eleven score tango
Whilst masquerade ball of Ire, waltzes slow

Sister whisper to passerby
Warning of previous courting
               …But who’s to judge?
No moon, all malice, this Alice
               Lost in wonderland

Cometh, comet! (Curious tomcat)
Rock astray from set cosmic path
Wooed by godless goddess
Gravitas pull

“Push to play”

Lady laced with reflection
Rorschach designs, chaotic patterns
Celestial body, nocturnal in transit
Caramel Face Façade

Elemental metal fool
Traversing charlatan’s webs
Blinded by fire of desire
Spinning, hurling, love drunk

Irony clad

Aloft, Venusian veils
Warm embrace reveals:
Violent undertones
Devour, binge and purge

Apple of thine eye
Molten core inside
Sweet tooth soothsayer
Dost thou taste sour, Valentine? 

Art by: Andy Warhol - "Birth of Venus" (exposed)

Neon Gods, Congregated Whores

Midnight mass of the masses
Moths to Saturn’s day flame
               pouting with beggars lips
On your knees and drink
               from the spout                 
Tapped dance, omnipotent drunk
Forbidden fruits and complicated mess

Free as a bird

Whores perch their stools
Pews in the houses of neon gods
Reciting slurred rosaries
               over whiskey sour communion

Foolish hymns
               Gyrating choirs

Silent, Knight, and observe!
Sister Peace has a sermon serenade
Her forked tongue
               licking what’s left of an altered boy

Two coins to pay the ferryman, Charon
An extra for his hospitality
A small offering to traverse the pulpit
in return for intoxicated salvation

Beautiful creatures
               how ugly they can be
They’ll drown one another
               before they make a convert of me

Absolution, Ra’s day
Corner confession booths
Prayers to Holy wines and spirits
Draw the Sabbath water

Who am I, but their scripture’s footnote?
Their sidebar dark symphony
sheep from the herd
paradigm nightlife on repeat

Don’t shoot the winged messenger
Mercury: the toxic


I watch her spin
Layer of lover and liar
Earth, wind and fire
Such a destructive, beautiful garden

‘Tis me, admired and admirer
Pale rock, who maintains his distance
Space between
                    revolver and revolutionary

My scars on display,
illuminated by night
Pocked bombardment
                    of volatile adolescence

Frivolous competition for her favor
Jockey for position
Survival of the fittest;
Chaotic harmony

To the victor go the spoils:
Endless carousel

Now calm, serene, wiser
Observant orbiter curses set path,
the prize
All that is, and what could’ve been

Attempts to reach out, few
Small steps, and giant leaps
Capture the flag
                    and expediently expire

Leave your footprints

Cycle my phases
dance with my shadow
Last is first is last
I have no quarter

Our symbiotic relationship,
we damn these laws of attraction
Gravitational pool, Sea of Tranquility;
Treading in cosmic influence

I tug at her tide;
She paints me crimson
Our polar lives, too much to bear
We lean closely at the solstice

Gaia eclipsed my vision,
                    basks in my shade of red
Her game of Hearts:
She shot the Moon.