Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Purgatorial Pissings

(c) Andrew Calder

Posted for "Open Link Night" at dVersepoets.com

Parallel paradox, the divisive multiplier
Void betwixt parallax and mirror
Reality versus fiction, the damage done, a Dent
A Harvey faced versus façade, mirage

The translucent river at flood level
Fluid production via years in pre-disposition, torrential downpours
Longing gaze on the thought pebbled beach to the other
The certain, surest one, through the looking glass permeates

Traveled lifetime, experiential conglomerate
Beaten upon by the cerebral wave crashes
Seemingly impassable, impasse
Sans ability to float, or a boat to traverse
Daydreaming Magellan circumnavigating familiar waters

His Perfect Circle, the consistency in radial transgression
Through aqueous transmission, their electrodes acquiesce
One and One in the same

Encompassed by the fear of n’er to return,
Broken compass sells the self, no direction, no sail to set
No soul to barter, no fare for the ferryman
Failure to launch on his anchored dock
A clock that strikes midnight every hour, on the hour
Of the orr

Bending time and space, riding the continuous continuum
A boy, A man
A mortal, A god
Universal multiverses and theories of relativity within the abyss
Through the wormhole, a bird’s eye view

Uncertain to dive, complacent to wade, the daunting task he swims
Across the fold, reaches the opposing shore, touches the other face:
The place, space, ultimate destination
Is Equivalent to the vantage’s origin
The rock he once stood from, he stands on again


  1. A couple of thoughts, lost:

    Sun Ra said: "space is the place."

    First there is a mountain....

    If you keep traveling in the same direction in outer space, will you eventually reach the place you started out?

  2. have i told you that you make my brain hurt with what you do with big words...ha...and still get a great flow out of it...my mind though is spinning...

  3. wow - all of those paradoxes to ultimately end up right where you started...yes, that sounds like life to me :)

  4. Blown away, as always , with what you do with words. The title is a lead in to a true purgative journey, where the destination may be amorphously the same as the starting point, but the traveler himself has altered, left the binary, subsumed himself in 'radial transgressions..' lost his soul and his fare, and yet arrives. The language throughout is amazing, especially liking the last stanza.

    Good to see you with us at dVerse, Pounds.

  5. Oh my inner nerd had to be brought out to grasp some of these words. But I got them. Amazingly played.

  6. A great spaced out trip.

    This piece felt like a true journey.

    The opening stanza sucked me and the words held me like an event horizon.

  7. Excellent piece. So many layers to this one, as if woven within the strings transversing dark matter. Fifth stanza, however, conjured a vision of an old classic rock album of a man holding a lantern atop a rock cliff, below him clouds, shining a light into the abyss. (if only I could remember the album!) ~