Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Salem's Lot

Photo Credit : Getty Images

Who are the mad ones, The asylum sentenced fools?
Heavy is the crown on the clown who laughs at the circus
Harlequins and Harlots;
Ferris Buellers and infinite days off, roving parasites
Offer a sideshow, and a Carnival Le Blanc

Carnivorous carnage woven intricately so
as to be discrete;
This humble nest
The mother roosts her egg, the chick under Orin hatched
Attached, are these larvae of like wing, Thrashers to an enigmatic will
Fly in circles for thrill, building another

Vlad reincarnate;
Impaled by their own pickets, white fences to personal salvation
All in a row, the domino Fall to another season
To behold, and let go
Go let, and campaign again

De-forceful voices, speaking soft tongues on loud whispers
Oxymorons flying against the wind of goodwills to Man
Men who have yet to self-fulfill prophecies
To them from thrones and crowns of thorns, makeshift Castles In The Sky
Hidden in a random hedgerow, on Pennsylvania Ave.

The ashed remnants of those burned at the stake
Fertilize those that speak of the flame, most deservedly so
Are they that speak such, to be engulfed in the Gulf
Just as the black liquid truth spilled free

March to the Ides
In a step
In time
Invasive Day of Pigs, like swine to the trough
Coronation Corporation : Fattened slop served cold
Dietary exercise in free thought, rendered cancerous

Dirty Queens wear Supreme gowns laced with decandence
While the House jester howls and slams another gavel
The court is full of princes and princesses
All fit the bill for their Vices
Biding for their own piece of the zoo
On a Hill
In a small town, Camel’s Lot.

I Say,
launch a LEM
for Lunacy


  1. ugh...it is a fricking nightmare what those in higher office think is good for our country...watching them back slap each other has about made me vomit...scathing write...and well deserved as it is penned...

  2. Whatever is in the water up there, they need to make it strong enough to paralyze the vocal cords, at least in that one particular neighborhood. My brain hurts from all the mental jiu jitsu holds it's had to wiggle out of from the tea-stewed spawn that Orin and his ilk Hatched. Wicked true piece, full of the bitterness any thinking person has to feel being mis-governed by grandstanding buffoons. The film "Idiocracy" must be running 24/7 in DC.

  3. dang - this is excellent bryan...not often read such a well-crafted and filled-to-the-brink-with-high-class imagery political piece..kudos

  4. As long as a country is prepared to lay to waste the largest part of their population, then nothing will change. The middle class is being decimated, while the powers that be publicly air this clash of egos that has this viewer on the sidelines shaking her head in disbelief. It is the middle class that keeps a country going;the workers, the volunteers,those that give time and funds to charities, churches...well, the time is shot as they log as much overtime so they can afford bread and milk, and the charity and the giving, isn't that always the first to go? That's the aftermath I'm seeing here, anyway. My country reacted to the mortgage crises in the US by shutting down lending and running good people to bankruptcy and foreclosure (on government insured mortgages none the less!) Okay, sorry! I'm ranting in a space not my own..please forgive my soapbox antics, and know your write was both appreciated and enjoyed!

  5. Thank you for your thoughts and opinions, wise ones of the world; it would seem that poetry is the only venue where reason and understanding still exists. Such is why we escape to our utopian planet, my friends.


  6. Are you currently accepting visa applications? I harbor I deeply held fear of Utopias, A.S. Byatt skewered them best in Babel Tower, but I may have to believe in a poetic one. Great work, thank you for making sense, it's harder than it looks ;)! So you know (because it was so appropriate) the password required to post my comment: spittle (apparently even the computer has had it with Washington)

  7. amazing play on words the imagery is intense and long

  8. A perceptive and intelligent critique of our foolishness, arrogance and ultimate frailty.
    A powerful indictment of mankind's innate stupidity.

  9. Oh this bay of pigs...always keeps there pig pen fat and happy first....a land based ship of fools indeed....bkm

  10. Solid gold greed for power. The worst is that there is no place in the world to get away from the insanity of it all. The cure will surely be more horrifying than the disease that has rotted the system.

  11. I would love to hear this one read. It just spills out, and there are many wonderful lines here. Enjoyed this :)

  12. love your blog,

    come join our poetry picnic today,
    first time participants can share 1 to 3 random poems.