Sunday, April 17, 2011


Photo by James Rainsford
Submitted for "One Shoot Sunday" Poetry Challenge at

She pauses to peer within
Her Sunday, self-reflective stroll, view anew
An equinox visit to the fruit of her womb
The untamed offspring, her living miscarriage

They’ve long gone for umbilical freedom
Runaways in their own home
           Longing for separation of self
           Their sentence : Cellular Mitosis

Nests, temples, scraping sky
Fences, walls, chalet bungalow
An Igloo, An Izba
Monastery Asylums

                Faux Ch√Ęteaus

Up for adoption, the un-adaptive
Fat orphans consumed resource, sans remorse
How coarse, how crude, yet the starving resumed
Unable to find place, a space, in time

Any theory
Any relativity

Given chlorophyll, failure to synthesize;
           A trade for chloroform, to anesthetize
As she placates to absorb and transform energy
               None resonate

 In the Queen’s court, stubborn they stand
Child’s own judge, jury, and defendant
By the gavel of free will
          Incarceration by choice

Her whisper, subtle yet strong on the wind
Warm, soft spoken global warnings
Climate dinner gone cold
          With the season, tides and disposition

She turns,
and leaves.

"See the animal in his cage that you've built
...Are you sure which side of the glass you are on?"


  1. As strong in biochemical references (and interspersed complex rhymes) as it in a heartrending sense of compunction found contemplating life forming, as well as the choices individuals make. Cellular, individual, and global levels. Always a pleasure, Byran. Thanks for linking up.

  2. dude wicked take on the prompt, complex and great rhyme going on there...their sentence: ha!

  3. Living miscarriages, far beyond the level of being content in an igloo or an izba or even the occasional chateau, and the heterotrophs don't even realize the phototrophs are there anymore. Lots of subtle word shapeshifting in this one, as always I'm liking esp "..Given chlorophyll, failure to synthesize;/A trade for chloroform, to anesthetize.."

  4. what a cool take on the prompt bryan - excellent rhythm and great internal rhymes

  5. Thanks for the comments my friends, always appreciative of the feedback. 'Tis difficult for me to hold back worldy and local perceptions; When I see it in art, I can't ignore it.

  6. glad my random click took me here...what a wonderful piece of complexity, it; read it again listening to Trent...beautifully said, beautifully crafted ~

  7. What a wonderful write...her untamed offspring, a living miscarriage....brillant line ...and many, many more of them...must bookmark your work...thank you...bkm