Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apes of Wrath

Primates who migrate the ages,
Darwin & Steinbeck’s pages
Appendages, on bended knees
Losing touch with origin, these disenchanted species

Chasing their evolutionary tale
Twist to the petty, one fortnight war machine
Pretty pennies, celebrities
Misguided revolutions : Revelation, 14:19

Foolish monks

Draw lines in sand;
               Dig for treasure, sever thine own tree
for black liquid vice, negate sea ice
Consume the coffee, yet spill the beans

A chimp off Life’s building blocks
Day of Reckoning:
               Poor Farm Animals
               Versus Millionaire Baboons

Fearing Holy Ghost of Tom Joad
These apathetic apes, the chain’s apex
Traded RNA and DNA
for “TNA” and TNT

As the willow weeped, the wind did sweep
The Dust Bowl, now clean
Out of reason, out of mind
Lost ourselves in the Hollywood and Vine

Atomic timeline
“We” became “I”


  1. What I like best is how your references build layers of meaning. Often poets will drop a literary reference just to do so. And your rhymes are tight too. Cheers, Bryan

  2. know i think the aliens that seeded us apes might regret that decision one day...

  3. @Dustus Salutations my friend. I enjoy a brief reference abandon but being consistent. I have the most fun working in the underlying nods. Although sometimes rhyme can be overbearing, when I choose it, I attempt to keep it relevant and not convenient.

  4. @Brian Ha, my thoughts invoked through your words, good Sir. (Although I feel we've got some evolving to do.) Thanks for reading/commenting.

  5. some real great lines in this...good, original poetry..cheers pete

  6. Some excellent digs at society and at ourselves. I feel perhaps apes do a better job of regulating their culture than we do--other than that, not much difference except that we can do far more harm to everything. Some great lines, as well.

  7. the title is very unique.
    love your style..